The Bookaxe
Bounty Hunt

The Bookaxe Bounty Hunt

Test your puzzle-solving skills to win amazing prizes and everlasting glory!

It’s easy to join in! You can play from anywhere in the world and there are hundreds of dollars' worth of books up for grabs.

Solve a series of book-related challenges as quickly as you can to collect coins. The five Bookaxers with the most coins at 8pm (UK Time) on 30th April 2018 will each win a bundle of books, and the Bookaxer with the most coins overall will also win a place in our Bounty Hunt Hall of Fame!

Everyone who has played will also be entered into our lottery draw, giving them more chances to win books.

Good Luck!

UPDATE - The 2018 Bounty Hunt has now closed and will return bigger and better in 2019. You can still take on the challenges but any coins you collect will not count.

Ready, Steady, Go!

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Level One - Challenge One

What is this famous literary riddle talking about?

Add the answer to the end of the URL in your browser to receive your next challenge.

Final Leaderboard - 30th April 8pm BST



4940 Coins



3990 Coins



3940 Coins


Laura Way

3640 Coins



3290 Coins

Lottery Winner:

Jenn Lee

890 Coins

Solve challenges fast to win coins

There are four levels to the Bookaxe Bounty Hunt, each containing five challenges which increase in difficulty.

The first five Bookaxers to complete each level will win more coins than those who take longer. The later levels are worth more coins.

Lvl 1 (Opens 29th Mar) Lvl 2 (Opens 8th Apr) Lvl 3 (Opens 15th Apr) Lvl 4 (Opens 22th Apr)
1st Place 500 1000 1500 2000
2nd 400 800 1200 1600
3rd 350 700 1050 1400
4th 300 600 900 1200
5th 250 500 750 1000
5th+ 200 400 600 800

There are LOTS more ways to win coins too!

Share your bookcase
Win 200 coins for sharing your Bookaxe bookcase.

Invite friends
Win 150 coins for every friend who joins Bookaxe using your unique Bounty Hunt Code (shown above) and then goes on to share their bookcase.

Use a Bounty Hunt Code to join Bookaxe
Win 100 coins for joining Bookaxe with a Bounty Hunt Code.

Shelve books
Win 50 coins for adding at least one new book to your Bookaxe bookcase.

TBR books
Win 20 coins for adding at least one new book to your Bookaxe TBR.

Axe books
Win 20 coins for axing at least one Bookaxe book recommendation.

The Prizes

1st Place: A place in the Bookaxe Bounty Hunt Hall of Fame plus all ten books from a Bookaxe Bookchart of your choice

2nd Place: Top 8 books from a Bookaxe Bookchart of your choice

3rd Place: Top 6 books from a Bookaxe Bookchart of your choice

4th Place: Top 4 books from a Bookaxe Bookchart of your choice

5th Place: Top 2 books from a Bookaxe Bookchart of your choice

The Lottery

For those finishing outside the top five there is still hope!

We’ll convert every coin you’ve collected into a ticket and enter it into our lottery draw, so the more coins you have, the greater the chance to win! The lottery winner will be drawn at random and receive 5 books from a Bookaxe Bookchart of their choice.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Bookaxe Bounty Hunt will end at 8pm UK time on 30th April 2018. This is the deadline for collecting coins and all counts will be frozen at this time.

2. In the event that multiple Bookaxers have collected the same number of coins, the overall winner will be determined by who completed the highest level challenge. In the event that a tie persists, the winner will be the Bookaxer who completed it first.

3. Bookaxe's decisions regarding winners are final.

4. Bookaxe reserves the right to disqualify any participant who they feel has not played to the spirit of the game, for example (but not limited to), publically revealing the answers to challenges, etc.

5. Only one new user per IP address will be rewarded with coins. Please do not create multiple fake user accounts - we will know who you are and you will be instantly disqualified!

6. For shelving, axing and TBRing books, coins will be awarded once per category for the duration of the Bounty Hunt.

7. Bookaxe Bookcharts are regularly updated to reflect the behaviour of Bookaxe users. The latest Bookaxe bookcharts are found here.

8. All winners will be contacted during the first week of May 2018 in order to find out which books they would like to receive and to gain a delivery address.

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