The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

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Publisher: Courier Dover Publications
Pages: 288


A young man strikes a Faustian bargain in which his appearance remains unchanged while his portrait ages. This splendid hardcover volume features 12 evocative black-and-white illustrations by British artist Henry Keen.

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I ended up enjoying this book. This is a very heavy read, with its philosophical undertones and overall point. There isn't much of a plot. It's a book that tries to deal with moral issues, with problems of youth and faith, and the human fear of death. I guess it must have been quite controversial when it was published. It was a bit dull at times, but if you really think about what you're reading, it can be a very rewarding experience.


I very much enjoyed this story. I practically read it in one sitting. I loved the style and it was very engaging. The vocabulary was great, I particularly liked how often the author used the word “myriad” as it is one of my favourite words. I disagreed with a few of the social opinions expressed in this novel, but it was written over 100 years ago.


Everyone needs a Lord Henry Wotton in their lives.


Bookaxe Characteristics for The Picture of Dorian Gray

Character and Plot:

Characters in depth

Fast-paced plot

Language and Style:

Straight to the point

Language and style central

New Information:

Pure entertainment

Introduces you to new ideas


Explores the darker side of life
Light-hearted and optimistic


No swearing or violence etc
Frequent swearing and violence etc

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